Veena Malik dropped her towel

November 12, 2010 By Daily Ace news Bigg Boss 4 is courting a huge chunk of headlines these days for the amount of eyebrows it is managing to raise. While we saw some uninhibited love stories culminating between Ashmit Patel and Sara Khan/ Veena Malik and between Veena and Hrishant, the buzz is that Veena has now suffered a wardrobe malfunction. If Futuristic Media network is to be believed then it would appear that the Pakistani contestant Veena Malik dropped her towel and even her top slipped off leaving her stark naked for close to 10 seconds before she managed to pull her garments back
Veena Malik 001 Veena is known for her affinity towards glamour, make up and costumes and it was during one costume-changing session that her towel and her top slipped off leaving her garment-free right before the preying eyes  of the camera. However, the male voyeurs won’t be able to relish on those images since such clips are censored by the bosses before being shown on national television.While, it can’t be confirmed whether she did that on purpose (to grab some spotlight) or was it an unintentional wardrobe malfunction, but such nudity content is nothing new to this format. International Big Brother (in countries like Poland and Brazil) have often recorded such mishaps and fed them to the hungry viewers. This seems to be the ugly side of such reality shows.

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We will tell you, she does everything perfect. Irrespective it’s putting up a decent fight with an inmate of Big Boss or telling her not so sob (if you are cricketer Mohammad Asif) or shaking her legs. Her musical entry was followed by school girl kind of introduction (I wanted to, know myself, I couldn’t refuse etc and then finally an apologetic Pakistani who explains why India) why she is in. Then she pulled off the sob with Shweta Tiwari. And why not, Shweta Tiwari has her own sobs. They say that birds of the same feather flock together. Even though we have belted out an insensitive portrayal of her agony, the audience hasn’t. A lot of the audience can connect. Its not just us, but, even other brutal media has called her “pulling a Rakhi Sawant” on us. By the way did you see Rakhi Sawant wince on camera as Veena Malik pulled on a pose in the entry dance?

Veena, as we said is doing thing right. Even though others say that she is copying Rakhi Sawant, but, she does not has the status what Rakhi Sawant has in India (Pakistanis can speak for themselves, we know Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi will deny everything we say and then use the matter to beg more aid from US). Another yard stick to measure he success is that Pakistanis are saying that she is a disgrace. Go Veena! Go! Veena has been known in Pakistan for engaging the viewers. Now, we know that she is charming enough to engage us too. We think she can play a role of a bahu in one of our saas bahu operas. The plot can be her cricketer husband ill treating her because she put excess oil in the aloo sabji. Then she exposes her cricketer husband in wicket for pure ghee scandal. It would be a great soap opera.
n the beginning Veena said that we are her family (sigh!) and Salman khan agreed. We think the audience agrees with her too. May be that’s why she is so popular